Many new customers
and even more good
relationships, even without
an expensive loyalty program.

Want to get a lot of new customers for less money spent?
With the smart e-wallet in your mobile, you can discard high cost of loyalty programs into the trash.

I want to get new customers

End of costs

Do you have high costs for getting a new paying customer? Break it up.

Increase number of your customers

Increase number of your payload

Save your money

From now on, you will pay only when the customer actually buys something.

Solution for business

Why BonoPay™?

With the smart e-wallet in your mobile, you can discard high cost of loyalty programs into the trash.

  • Payment Services and loyalty program in one.
  • Registration and account management in active use for FREE.
  • You no longer need to look for customers. If they are in your vicinity, PUSH notifications on the mobile will notify them.
  • Possibility of customer sharing between entrepreneurs.
  • You only pay when the customer buys it.
  • You are paying-off a purchase discount designated by you to the customer.
  • Costs for all services are covered by part of the discount paid to the customer.
  • By working with BonoPay™, you get complete software, transparent management, and effective, free of charge advertising.
  • All mobile payments are charged like any other non-cash payment, so you'll get a daily budget cut-off into accounting at the end of the day.

BonoPay™ payment? Fast and simple

Step by step with BonoPay™

The application receives payments directly to the store/e-shop account.
You only need one smartphone or tablet at the store.
Payment in e-shop is linked to payment cards.

You enter your purchase amount into BonoPay™ application.

The application automatically generates a QR code.

The customer attaches his phone, reads the QR code, and confirms the transaction with one click.

You receive money to your account by return.

The provided retrospective discount goes to the customer's account and covers transaction costs.

All done!

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